"Annette Lee and Provider Insights is exactly what you need if you want to survive this rapidly changing healthcare industry.  Before Annette came to our rescue we had an average length of stay of about 3 years, but with Annette's help we have been able to shorten that to just 2 episodes.  We also struggled to achieve a 50-60% passing rate with ADRs, but today we are maintaining a 99% pass rate.  With the knowledge gained from her insight we were recently able to have all 5 of our Probe and Educate claims pass with flying colors.  I can’t thank her enough for helping us become the compliant agency we are today!  Whether you need a complete overhaul, or just a little fine tuning, she’s the Best!"

Wende Bruce, RN


Haven Home Health, Inc.

"Thank-you beyond measure for your evaluation, planning and education. I am so  pleased  with your work,  capturing so much valuable information in just five days. I was very proud of our staff on all levels to absorb and share openly. I can see you have brought out the best in all of us. Human nature is to be defensive and justify (which we did therapeutically) but it did not get in the way of acceptance and movement.  We continue to improve, and each of your visits prepares us for the next."

Janice Jensen

"IAHC has contracted with Provider Insights to deliver education to our home health agency members and we routinely receive positive feedback, including comments such as “Annette is a fabulous educator” and “Annette is very knowledgeable”


Amy Huiseman

Iowa Aliance for Home Care

“Annette has contracted with our company for several years as a clinical educator- Annette always presents with a professional and positive attitude and our customers always provide extremely favorable feedback about Annette’s ability to share her extensive knowledge about both home health and hospice.”


Education Manager

Cahaba GBA and CGS

"Annette has been and remains a consistent source of clinical and regulatory information for our Hospice and Home Health Agencies. Annette always responds promptly with the information we need supported by direct verbiage or links to sites for further reading. I have had the opportunity to bring Annette to our organization for educational sessions attended by everyone from the CEO and CFO to the staff who work out in the field. The response after every session is, “Can we just hire her !” John Knox Village continues to depend on Annette’s support in our ongoing efforts to excel in compliance and she is always there for us."

Julie Mahony, RN, MS

Administrator of Community Health Services

"I would call Annette Lee of Provider Insights as Saguaro’s secret weapon. Nobody  has more knowledge and resources than any of the consultants we have ever used in the last 17 years in the industry combined.  I would never  trust anyone else to do our audits."  


Carina Broderick

It has always been a pleasure to work with Annette.  There is always a question and Annette always knows the answer. Her responses are timely, thorough,  and she gives options to cover all aspects of the situation.  Annette has done inservices for our company. They are informative, current,  and her knowledge base is remarkable.

Diana Jacobs, RN, COS-C

Provider Insights, Inc has had a relationship with TCG since 2007.  Annette has been the Products Development Specialist, assisting in development of the Quick Flips for Home Health and Hospice, as well as the Hospice QAPI Manual and updating of TCG's Policy and Procedure Manuals.  Annette continues to act as a resource for TCG products and consultant for audits and due diligence.